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Nov 25, 2022


An Unusual Morning Today, I woke up in the morning as usual and started my normal routine. Then I see an email from the engineering lead explicitly tagging it as an IMPORTANT meeting during my standup time. I was surprised and got a feeling that something is wrong. This is one of the red flags and a symptom of a layoff but not so important as it is already too late for you.
Feb 15, 2022


In last few weeks, I met some folks in my mentoring sessions, who are new to DevOps or in the mid of their career, were interested in knowing what to learn in 2022. The DevOps skills are high in demand and there is a constant learning required to keep yourself in sync with the market demand. This post is to share the notes that can help you. Let’s see some guidance based on my experience and understanding.
Feb 19, 2021


When I spent my new year evening with all my friends, I never thought that it will be the last such event in Australia. We all met and stayed at my friend’s place, Shivaji and had a lovely memorable gathering. This year, I was also planning to come back to India. It was always back in my mind to get settled in my home country, India. The Australian journey started with a surprise in 2012 and it was never planned for such a long time.
Jun 30, 2020


A cybersecurity incident can cause severe damage to the reputation of the organization and competitive disadvantage in the market, the imposition of penalties, and unwanted legal issues by end-users. On average, the cost of each data breach is USD 3.92 million as per this IBM report. The biggest challenges providing security in organizations are: Lack of skills and training in security tools and practices Lack of visibility and vulnerabilities Continuous monitoring of the current state of security In the recent survey by PaloAlto Networks, State of Cloud Security report, it was discovered that 94% of organizations use one or more cloud platforms and around 45% of their compute is on containers or CaaS.
Jun 22, 2020


This blog post is updated on 09-March-2021. From the latest CNCF annual survey of 2020, it is pretty clear that a lot of people are showing high interest in service mesh in their project and many are already using in production. Nearly 69% are evaluating Istio, and 64% are evaluating Linkerd. Both projects are cutting edge and very competitive, makes a tough choice to select one. In this blog post, we will learn about Istio and Linkerd architecture, their moving parts, and compare Linkerd vs Istio offerings to help you make an informed decision.
May 18, 2020


With ever-increasing complexity in distributed systems and growing cloud-native solutions, monitoring and observability become a very important aspect in understanding how the systems are behaving. There is a need for scalable tools that can collect data from all the services and provide the engineers with a unified view of performance, errors, logs, and availability of components. These tools also need to be cost-effective and performant. In this article, we will go through two popular stacks for logging in Kubernetes – EFK (Elasticsearch) and PLG (Loki) and understand their architecture and differences.
Feb 8, 2020


Welcome to the new year 2020. I want to take a pause to reflect on the last year on personal and professional front. The year was nearly flat and steady. There were no surprises, spikes like last year especially on the personal side. Personally, I have enjoyed the whole year with the family and friends in Melbourne. 2019 was also a year of change. I changed many projects this year unlike one in past one decade.
Mar 2, 2019


Hi World! I have setup this blog after various stints which covered personal and Oracle database stuff but for a long time, I have been away from the blogging. The reason is primarily getting busy with family life and switching roles. Last week, I came across my twitter timeline bidding .dev domains and I got excited to reserve my own last night. I intent to call this my permanent home on the Internet.

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