Anjul Sahu

Reflection on 2019

Posted at — Feb 8, 2020

Welcome to the new year 2020. I want to take a pause to reflect on the last year on personal and professional front. The year was nearly flat and steady. There were no surprises, spikes like last year especially on the personal side. Personally, I have enjoyed the whole year with the family and friends in Melbourne. 2019 was also a year of change. I changed many projects this year unlike one in past one decade. I got enough time to learn new things and travel this year :-).

Spiritual Journey to Brij

While returning back to Melbourne, we spent few days in the Brij - the land of Krishna and Radha. I always wanted to see this place and when I went there, I realized I should have visited much earlier. Vibes of this region is life changing. Sharing some photos of the trip.

Avyan’s Toddler Phase

My son Avyan has turned 2 in March. It was a great moment when he joins the toddler rank. As a parent, we are slightly more relaxed now as we don’t need to worry much about his regular feeds and frequent nightly wake up calls.
Avyan’s 2nd Bday

Tasmania Once Again

Second trip to Tassy, this time in Autumn with friends. Tasmania Highlands

Ghar Wali Diwali

Avyan’s first Diwali celebration at home.

Pachmarhi Visit

Thailand Trip

We were planning for the Thailand trip for a long time. My wife was pushing that in 2019 we should cover it during our transit from India to Australia. We visited Bangkok, Ayuthaya, and Chiang Mai in the northern Thailand region. Our focus was mainly visiting the cultural and religious places rather than going to southern beaches. Wat Phra Singh Our Thai Dress

Things I liked

  1. I liked the khao-soi noodles in Chiang Mai.
  2. The culture and all the Wats.
  3. Food is awesome. You can try new stuff every time, and you will be amazed.

khao soi noodles

Things I didn’t liked

  1. The people are not helpful when you speak English and ask for directions. They will say ‘yes’ to whatever you say, and that can be confusing.
  2. The public transport is very diverse, and you need to take a separate ticket for metro, BTS and buses. It becomes expensive and time-consuming.
  3. You need to bargain everywhere.

Some Tips or Learnings

  1. Avoid floating markets in Bangkok as they are chaotic, overcrowded, and touristy.
  2. Always Bargain. Start with half price and also get some idea by Googling or asking few more people.
  3. Many tours in the city are traps, so be conscious while selecting them. Do your homework.
  4. Buy from local vendors instead of large shopping centers.

Our Itinerary

  • Bangkok - 1 day
    • The Grand Palace
    • Wat Arun
  • Ayuthaya - 1 day
  • Chiang Mai - 3.5 days
    • Doi Inathon National Park
    • Karen Village, Doi Suthep
    • Chiang Mai City
    • Night Bazaars, Markets
  • Bangkok - 1 day
    • The Chatuchak Weekend Market

I wish I could have written more about this trip in this post.

Christmas Break

Once again we spent beautiful holidays in Victoria with friends.

We are at Luna Park